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Résultats de l’OPEN JEC de dimanche 6/10


// Relay

The weather forecast announced better conditions for today’s relay competition but the runners had to face once again the tough climate of Le Bessat, with fog, rain and temperatures well below 10°C. But the cold temperature didn’t cool down the enthusiasm of all the young runners who fought hard along the courses of 3.9 to 5.1 km, with 135 to 180 metres climb.

3 happy guys

In the women class, after a lot of changes during the first 2 legs, Sweden proved to be unbeatable. Lisa Risby indeed headed off on the last leg 50″ after Mathilde Rundhaug from Norway, but with the best time of this last leg, she managed to take the lead and she could celebrate together with her teammates Andrea Svensson and Linda Lindkvist a new victory for Sweden. Norway managed to keep the 2nd place in front of a terrific Isia Basset. The French girl started in 5th position but pushed hard all the way long and managed to overtake the girls in front to put the French Team up to 3rd place after a very tight and exciting finish with the Danish Emilie Friberg Klysner (disqualified afterwards for a misspunch).

If the Women class was exciting, the Men’s relay turned out to be even more thrilling. The Swiss team was leading at the last change-over, few seconds ahead of Sweden. But it was still 10 teams bunched together in a bit more than 2 minutes… and coming from nowhere, the French Nicolas Rio did an outstanding performance, overtaking everyone up to the very first place, to the surprise and great pleasure of the French audience on the arena. Norway followed just few seconds after, before 3 Swedish teams in a row. With Austria into 6th position, the first 6 team finally finished with a time difference of only 1’20”.

(photo Sim Leroy)


// Long Distance

Podium JEC 2013-3On a tough terrain with steep slopes and sometimes bad runnability, to brave the (once again) wet weather conditions, and keep fighting until the very end was probably one of the key of today’s Long Distance. The courses were dominated by a very strong Swedish squad, that put 5 runners on the podiums despite of a strong field composed by some medal winners of this year Junior World Championships. Andrine Benjaminsen from Norway (W18), Nicolas Rio from France (M18), Lisa Risby from Sweden (W20), and Jens Wängdhal from Sweden (M20) were the winners of the day. Tomorrow will see the last day of competition with the always exciting relay race, where Sweden, Switzerland and Norway should be among the strong teams fighting for victory in both Men and Women class.

(photo: photogractif)
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Nico RIO (FRA)

La 2e journée de cette “Junior European Cup” 2013 a vu se dérouler la course
Longue Distance sur les flancs de la Jasserie à 2 pas du village du Bessat.
Les coureurs ont une nouvelle fois du affronter des conditions très humides,
qui ont rendu les courses encore plus difficiles. A ce petit jeu là, les suédois ont
montré qu’ils étaient les plus forts aujourd’hui, en plaçant 5 de leurs coureurs
sur le podium. Les victoires du jour reviennent à la norvégienne Andrine Ben-
jaminsen (D18), la suédoise Lisa Risby (D20), son compatriote Jens Wängdhal
(H20), mais la victoire la plus populaire du jour fut sans conteste celle du jeune
pélussinois Nicolas Rio qui s’impose en H18 et offre au public de la cérémonie
de récompenses une Marseillaise haute en couleurs et en émotions.

(photo: photogractif)
Arnaud Perrin

// Sprint

The first race of this JEC 2013 took place in and around the small stone village of Le Bessat, hosting village of the event. On a not so technical map originally, the course setter found many tricks and route choices by using private properties turned open just for the competition. A situation sometimes confusing for the runners who had to be self-confident and accurate in their map reading while entering full speed on a garden that looked as much private as the ones next door. But the most difficult for runners was probably to keep the head cool, and keep focusing on their routines under the heavy rain showers beating down continuously on the village, the weather conditions even turning epic for the last starters. But rain showers or not, the best runners managed to master their nerves and the weather to make changes in the ranking list up until the very end of the competition. Winners of the day were Andrea SVENSSON (SWE) and Matthias GRÖLL (AUT) in Women and Men 18, and Mathilde RUNDHAUG (NOR) and Emil SVENSK (SWE) in Women and Men 20.

(photo: photogractif)

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